Sustainable production processes and constant improvement in its energy footprint have been our central requirement for a long time.
Hence, in recent years, thanks to the consistent modernization of the production equipment, both considerable energy savings and optimization of waste material, i.e. of waste reduction, have been achieved.

We are convinced that this enables us to meet our responsibility to the environment much more honestly than when we desperately try to include unrealistic CO2 offset calculations in our exhibition planning.

Resource conservation in practice

In addition to using the cleanest form of energy – the sun – we consistently avoid using fossil fuels with a combined heating, extraction and heat recovery system.
All the residual timber from production and non-reusable exhibition components, once shredded, are used as fuel. Moreover, all the suction and filter systems of the production machinery are coupled with heat recovery systems, enabling a large proportion of the heat stored in the extracted air to continue to be used.
Not one milliliter of heating oil or one cubic centimeter of natural gas is consumed – and key aspects of the disposal problem are therefore solved as well.

Ecologically-oriented product development

Our developed and used modular systems and individual components are reusable due to a clear and timeless design, the careful selection of materials, intelligent constructions and simple mounting principles. They therefore satisfied the requirements of sustainable construction, and at the end of a long life-cycle, they are almost completely recyclable or reusable.

FAMAB Stiftung

Our indirect contribution to sustainability is the establishment of a foundation that seeks to promote sector-specific social and not-for-profit projects in the areas of nature conservation and environmental protection, vocational training, and science and research.
The first action has been the renaturisation and reforestation back to primary rainforest of  100,000 sqm of land in Panama.