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An experienced and multidisciplinary team will ensure your success in all markets around the world.

OSPI network

We are a member of the world‘s largest exhibition builders network: an association of over 150 exhibition contractors from 51 countries on 5 continents. Together with the local partners, ZEISSIG arranges suitable staffing and transport costs, solves logistical problems, and overcomes language barriers. In this way, we guarantee that each of our customers enjoys a stress-free trade fair presentation anywhere in the world, year in, year out.

OSPI network

Since the beginning of the OSPI Network, regular meetings of the OSPI partners have been an essential part of the OSPI philosophy. There is no alternative to personal contacts, an understanding of different cultures and the exchange of know-how. Here, the partners place their trust in the original idea of the exhibition: a hand-shake. This understanding of the partners underpins the effectiveness of the OSPI Network. For your benefit.