We understand the role of a Full-service Marketing Provider as being the creative force behind feasible developments which fully reflect economic parameters.
Our long track-record, including many exhibition and shop projects, in combination with ongoing collaboration with highly regarded communication designers and architects, illustrates our deep-seated understanding of the diverse contents, strategies and demands of spatially oriented brand presentation.

Concept | Rendering

The conceptual planning, but also the rendering of advice to designers and architects alike during the phases of conceptualisation, implementation and planning as well as thereafter during the technical realisation of the concepts, up to and including all necessary assembly and logistics requirements, continues to be our core area of activity.


One of the key tasks in realising exhibition and shop projects is the smooth integration of many individual disciplines.
Professional project planning, detailed knowledge of all pertinent aspects and organisational flows are principal areas of our work, as is a broadbased knowledge of design principles and production processes.

Our fundamental role is that of a strategic adviser, a pragmatic problemsolver and a creative implementation partner for complex and sophisticated exhibiting projects. We are able to marry economic needs with challenging design and quality specifications.