A museum to get your teeth into - International Day of the Tree

Putting sustainability into practise starts right outside one’s own door. A philosophy shared by metal working artist Andreas Rimkus and the businessman Hartmut Zeissig. Andreas Rimkus therefore planted 100 different, rare and old varieties of apple trees in an orchard in his hometown of Springe in 2011. These have now grown into the ApfelBaumMuseum  (Apple Tree Museum) whose aims include protecting biodiversity.

On the “Arbor Day” the FAMAB foundation initiator Hartmut Zeissig planted another 10 rare tree varieties in the ApfelBaumMuseum. The FAMAB-foundation is dedicated to sustainable business and the reduction of CO2 emissions. The foundation expresses the commitment of the exhibition & events sector to these principles, and creates targeted CO2 schemes to compensate for high resource consumption, and the continuing one-way culture which dominates the exhibition business. One of the first measures implemented by the foundation was the acquisition of a 100,000 sqm plot in Panama which was re-planted with robinia trees.

Although Panama has crucial climate advantages, it is a long way from home. Planting trees locally is therefore a way of supplementing the foundation initiative. Rimkus’s ApfelBaumMuseum to maintain the diversity of apple tree varieties, suits this purpose admirably.