The 1.000 table project

That ZEISSIG is also good at providing services away from exhibition venues has been demonstrated for many years with its retail and shop-in-shop concepts. The 1,000 table project, which we realised at the beginning of the year, concerns the construction of high quality rental furniture. Klingenberg GmbH from Hannover, which specialises in hiring out exclusive pieces of classic furniture from internationally famous design brands, reworked the typical design of the so-called bridge table, and further developed it together with our own Torsten Koll, to produce a highly practical version available in two heights.

The first 600 of a total production run of 1,000 low table and high table versions had already performed for the first time at the beginning of February in Stuttgart, at the general company meeting of “Netze BW”, an EnBW company.

But how can one protect such high quality items from damage, when the tables are repeatedly transported throughout Germany or even across Europe? This is a problem with which we as exhibition stand providers are naturally only too familiar. At the same time as working on the tables, Klingenberg and ZEISSIG therefore also developed precisely fitting transport boxes to optimally protect the tables during storage and transport, and to guarantee durable high quality even when used on frequent occasions.

This means that Klingenberg is now in a position to supply its high quality bridge tables and the matching seating, to events with up to 6,000 guests directly from its warehouse.