Growth that maintains the requisite quality standards versus skills shortage

NDZ and HAZ Deister-Anzeiger of October 7, 2015:

The Völksen company ZEISSIG concluded the financial year, which ended on June 30, with a clear increase in sales and, consequently, successfully. The growth is primarily attributable to the business segments of shop-in-shop facilities and event services, which are becoming increasingly important alongside the core business of exhibition booth construction. And the established Völksen firm expects further growth in sales to around 24 million euros in the current financial year – a record.

By rights, CEO Hartmut Zeissig ought to be more than satisfied – were it not for the skills shortage that threatens to curb the continuing dynamic development. In the last two years, the workforce grew to 74 full-time staff – from joiners and warehouse operators to wood engineers and architects. However, the company currently requires at least ten more posts. “At present we can only reasonably seize the opportunities that the market gives us through employing subcontractors,” Hartmut Zeissig laments, emphasizing: “We simply cannot find the specialist staff we would need in order to bring a greater share of work into the company again.” But this is precisely what Zeissig wants, especially so it might guarantee the required standards of quality long-term. The share of bought-in services is currently a good 54 percent. Conversely, this means: less than half the services provided are carried out in-house. Zeissig would like to increase this ratio to the benefit of its own share, so that it might respond even faster and more flexibly to the very short-term requirements of customers. “We made a thorough search of the labor market in recent months, advertised on the Internet and in the press, but we are still unable to find the skilled and experienced personnel we need,” Zeissig says.

Company business is currently buoyed by expansion in the shop segment. Here ZEISSIG is planning and implementing projects for leading companies within consumer electronics and the retail chemist trade. While the classic exhibition business pools concentrates its workforce on a regular cycle, mainly in spring and autumn, the other business segments provide full employment in the otherwise weak months exhibition-wise. In addition, large-scale events such as the Janadriyah Festival in Saudi-Arabia and the IdeenExpo in Hannover have given rise to further strong growth. When, following the death of King Abdullah at the start of the year, the Janadriyah Festival had to be cancelled at the last minute, this major event was scheduled for next year. ZEISSIG has been awarded the contract from the Federal Foreign Office to revise the concept for the German Pavilion.The financial year was topped off with a variety of successful trade fair appearances both at home and abroad. All the staff profit from the business performance: they share in the success through the bonus system – this has a proven track record and will continue in the current financial year. That’s because the continuing boom allows the Völksen exhibition and shop-fitting specialist to look optimistically ahead to the company’s near future.