International fall

While locally we are sweeping up the leaves, fitting winter tires and slowly adjusting to this allegedly quiet time of year, things look different in the business environment. Spread across the globe, numerous trade fair projects will be realized again this fall.
Market leaders such as Sennheiser at IBC Amsterdam and ElBit in Norway, or Enercon at Wind Power Expo in Zaragoza, Renewable UK in Birmingham and Key Energy in Rimini, and Miele too at the Ilmac and the Igeho in Basel receive the same comprehensive service as SMEs at Process Expo in Chicago, Offshore Energy and European Utility Week in Amsterdam and international exhibitors at VMworld in Barcelona, the European Cancer Congress in Amsterdam or texcare ASIA in Shanghai.
ZEISSIG realizes trade fair concepts wherever the customer requires. A useful asset here is its, by now, 29 years of active membership in the OSPI Network, an association of over 150 exhibition contractors from 51 countries on 5 continents. Together with the local partners, ZEISSIG arranges suitable staffing and transport costs, solves logistical problems, and overcomes language barriers. In this way, we guarantee that each of our customers will enjoy a hassle-free trade fair presentation all over the world year in, year out.