An economic sector assumes responsibility – FAMAB Foundation formed

Prompted by the realization that the continuous pursuit of responsible economic activity in a sector that has been characterized to date by high energy consumption and a certain “throwaway culture” should be a matter of course, the idea arose to establish a foundation.

So far 46 companies and private individuals have joined the initiative of previous FAMAB management boards and formed the FAMAB Foundation. Since June 4, 2013 the foundation has been recognized by the supervisory authority for foundations in Berlin.

The FAMAB Foundation seeks to promote sector-specific social and not-for-profit projects in the areas of nature conservation and environmental protection, vocational training, and science and research. Through the foundation, the exhibition and events sector assumes the responsibility that it too must shoulder in relation to future generations, at the same time creating access to specific carbon offsetting opportunities.

The first action has been to reserve a plot of land of 100,000 m² in Panama. Once this has been acquired, the aim is that renaturation and reforestation back to primary rainforest will commence this year. “Our forest” is situated in the Mamoni Valley near to the Panama Canal. This valley, which borders directly on the autonomous region of the Kuna Indians, was affected repeatedly in past decades by the illegal clearings of neighboring settlers. This is where the FAMAB forest is now being created.

Hartmut Zeissig, as founder and a member of the board of trustees, has taken on an active role in order to make a further, albeit indirect, contribution to the protection of our environment and climate.

In recent years, ZEISSIG has already enabled considerable waste reduction to be made through consistently modernizing its production facilities. Likewise, the use of fossil fuels for heating purposes has been avoided by using waste timber, a heat recovery system has been integrated in the extractor and filter systems, and large photovoltaic systems have been installed on the hall roofs.