ZEISSIG wins Architects Partner Award in silver

The two architecture journals “AIT” and “xia” rewarded Germany’s best architect consultant with the Architects Partner Award (APA) 2012 at the end of February. In the “Trade show construction and shopfitting” category, ZEISSIG was officially recognized with the Architects Partner Award in silver. The award from AIT and xia has been presented annually since 2009 in eight different categories to those firms which provide a special technical and architectural consultancy service. The award was based on an extensive survey of architects last December, which was conducted in conjunction with the University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim and the Chair for Marketing. 2,780 German architects and interior designers took part in the survey, naming the manufacturing companies in the area of architecture and interior design that offer especially good orientation and consultancy, and communicate in an exemplary manner at sales and project level. The survey was, as always, “unsupported”, i.e. there were no companies nominated for receipt of the award.