New showroom in the [F]INBOX

Exhibition booths “exist” as a rule for just a few days; you can only experience them temporarily, and yet they are supposed to leave the visitor with a lasting impression. This kind of exhibitor’s objective can be achieved primarily by the architectural concept, the use of high-grade materials and their proper processing. Such high standards are economically justifiable if the exhibition architecture is based on intelligently designed modular elements that are, as far as possible, reusable – even given varying demands – and thus in conformity with the growing requirements for a “sustainable design”.

The Octanorm modular exhibition systems that we have customized and all the other design and installation components can be used long-term due to the choice of materials, construction and simple assembly principles, enabling the exhibitor, through rental or leasing, to control the overheads closely, specific to the project, and to spread them evenly and transparently over the planned period of use.

The puristic design vocabulary allows exhibits and messages to be effective regardless. A variety of complementary fittings and furnishings lets the booth be adapted to the diverse requirements and changing room situations. Computer-assisted planning and tried-and-tested logistics make for a perfect presentation, as each occasion demands, even if increasingly frequent.