Outer shell. Guidance within - Eternit at BAU 2013

Eternit epitomizes the entire building envelope. This is the message conveyed by the new trade show presentation designed by Astrid Bornheim and produced by ZEISSIG at BAU 2013. The Eternit exhibition booth is a three-dimensional image symbolizing the unity of roof and façade. To this end, the archetypical shape of a building envelope has been sequenced, divided into individual frames, pulled apart and thrust together. In between, spaces of various types and sizes extend, proffering a variety of uses: as a bar, lounge, gallery or open meeting area.
The spatial core of this modular exhibition constellation simultaneously reflects the brand essence of Eternit. For more than a century, Eternit has been among the leading suppliers of roofing and façade products. Fiber cement is more suited than any other material when it comes to creating building envelopes seemingly made in one piece. Roofs and façades can be constructed with small-format tiles, large-format panels or profiled corrugated sheets to make a creative and functional unit.
This is the way things are in the inner area of the exhibition booth, where kitchen, technology and meeting areas are all located. Fiber cement shells encase the compartments. The façade becomes the calling card of the construction. The roof with Eternit becomes the fifth façade.
The presentation of this brand statement is flanked by a gallery of innovation and versatility. In carefully integrated panoramas, new façade products and roof coverings are presented, which in turn combine to make complete building envelopes. Here the sensuousness of the structures and surfaces of fiber cement, concrete and clay as well as insulating elements and photovoltaic systems is effectively highlighted in a harmonious, yet tense unity. A circular 100 m2 large product-free zone has been left at the center of the exhibition booth for an atmospheric lounge which, for a week, will be the industry’s international meeting place in Munich.
Eternit’s new exhibition booth is designed in a sustainable and modular manner, and its aim is to illustrate at major German trade shows over the next four years the continuing evolution of the company into the leading supplier of energy-efficient building envelopes. What has been produced in Münich on approx. 400 square meters can be assembled in subsequent years to create different spatial configurations over larger or smaller areas. The constructive and equally symbolic framework will be filled over the years with innovative products and new statements in favor of the energy-efficient building envelope. Individually configurable in size and alignment, it offers great potential for the future-oriented development of the company and yet will remain recognizable as a signature feature year after year.