Bright spots at Dach+Holz 2012

It was with an entirely new exhibition booth concept that Eternit Flachdach GmbH, together with its cooperation partner INDU LIGHT, exhibited at Dach+Holz in Stuttgart.
Eternit Flachdach is providing the bright spots in two ways. The new trade show concept illuminates the current technical innovations for flat roofs, while at the same time the company’s website has been promptly unveiled in a new light.
The exhibition booth designed by Astrid Bornheim and produced and built by ZEISSIG orchestrates light and shadow – revealing not what a light dome is, but rather what it is capable of doing, i.e. creating a quality of light with an atmospheric effect. The exhibition booth invites the visitor moreover to walk along the “boulevard of innovations”, to discover showcased technical solutions and energetic aspects for the rehabilitation of light domes.
Thanks to the black-and-white color concept and the cube-shaped construction and furnishing elements, the booth acts as a spatialized QR code – a reference to the new website.