2008 | wunderbar - German Pavilion Expo Zaragoza 2008

At the world exposition in Zaragoza from June 14 to September 14, 2008, everything revolves around the theme of “Water and sustainable development.”
Germany is presenting an attractive mix of information and entertainment at the EXPO, exhibiting innovative technologies, trend-setting developments, and creative ideas.
The German Pavilion invites visitors to take a journey of discovery into the secrets of water. Traveling on a raft, the participants float through virtual groundwater caverns and a labyrinth of pipelines into the Cologne Bight. Back on dry land, they are informed about the productive capacity and innovative strength of Germany industry and research through a multimedia show involving high-tech interactive elements. Projections serve to reveal Germany from its most picturesque (aquatic) aspects.
The exhibition concept developed by Totems Communication, Stuttgart provides answers to basic questions: Where does drinking water come from? What can be done in the event of major flooding? What will the water supply of the future look like? The presentation is truly an insightful experience for laypeople and experts.
The two-story pavilion covering 1,232 sqm of floor space has been constructed and installed by ZEISSIG